Young Entrepreneurs Keeping it Real for School Leavers

Saxon Phipps and William Stubley are two young entrepreneurs who are proving that the number 13 is not unlucky at all. Together they are co-founders (with their brothers) of their thriving business Year 13, an online portal assisting school leavers with solutions to study, travel, jobs, apprenticeships and more.

The popularity of Year 13 has seen the company forge its way to becoming one of the largest providers of entry-level youth jobs in the country. Saxon and William are just at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, one which began in the depths of the Amazon Jungle for UnstoppablesIdeas Gone Wild in February. We recently caught up with this busy, dynamic duo to see what they discovered and uncovered in Brazil.

In support of the youth: Year 13 founders Saxon Phipps and William Stubley with the rest of the team

In support of the youth: Year 13 founders Saxon Phipps and William Stubley with the rest of the team

What did you learn from your trip to the Amazon with Unstoppables?

The biggest thing we witnessed about being unstoppable was the importance of stepping out of our comfort zone to ask questions and gain insights from successful people. In our business world we had never been exposed to those type of people before. We need to be able to keep our creative juices going so we saw the value of surrounding ourselves with Unstoppable people. We met so many different people who thought way beyond our own capabilities which expanded what’s possible for us.

Being unstoppable means to not limit yourself in what we can achieve, and open up the questions – what is achievable? To be able to learn from examples meant to be able to take another’s thoughts, meanings and lessons and make them our own.

We were surprised to find ourselves teaching as well. We didn’t think we had the skill set then we saw that we could share knowledge to share from our own experience and broaden another’s views.

What knowledge impacted you the most?

Preparation is a major thing in terms of being prepared for whatever may appear. Know your legals, your ability to partner, your financials and your goals. Know what you really want to achieve. Understand what your other business partners or teams goals are, so decisions can be made with ease.

No one is unapproachable, the beauty of our experience with Unstoppables is they were all very normal people and that puts everyone on the same playing field. Working with a high calibre of people puts you into a different frame of mind. When we were talking about the future of industries declining and rising all our different perspectives came together. And no idea was not valued. We experienced significant change through seeing so many different perspectives.

What is your unstoppable vision?

Our vision is to help a million kids transition from schools and be empowered with their choices. At Year 13 we want to change society’s view of how young people should be. We believe that collaborative thinking will help empower future generations of young Australians. We want to see communities where young people are not shutting down with depression, disconnection and isolation. We believe communication is critical and gives young people a sense of being and worthiness.

We want young people to know that is doesn’t matter what you want to do – go chase the passion and have a sense of worth with yourself. Currently there is nowhere to go to make those life choices…we will give young people across the world a sense of being and a direction and motivation.

What insights did you learn about yourselves and your business?

Generation. We know with this generation we speak their language and can communicate in a way that appeals to them. Communication. This is our biggest focus to ensure our communication matches our team’s needs, our youth and the community.

We built our business to communicate messages that had not been put out to young people in a way they can receive them. Social media does not provide this way of communicating. Trust has become harder to build so we need to do this so well and build real connected relationships.

We have a real responsibility because young people can be manipulated by so many elders. We have remained independent on a peer-to-peer level, which allows us to keep it real.

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