Being Unstoppable isn’t just a choice,
it’s a mindset.

Becoming an Unstoppable is making the decision to change your mindset and join a movement of passionate entrepreneurs and forward thinkers to grow business, ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and make positive and sustainable change.

What is 'Unstoppables'?

Unstoppables is a movement dedicated to igniting entrepreneurial spirit and taking entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to the next level through the power of collaboration, which we know is a necessary ingredient for success.

Our extremely unique experiences held throughout the world bring together the greatest hearts and minds of our time; everyday people, doing extraordinary things. People with purpose, who have followed their passion in science, money, business, publishing, thought leadership, philanthropy, spirituality, the environment, arts and innovation.

We inspire in order to create great businesses from good ideas and we openly seek to prosper. Most of all, Unstoppables want to ensure our world has a sustainable future that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Why should you become Unstoppable?

The truth about Unstoppables is that we play to bring multimillion-dollar ideas to reality — all the time.

Now is the time to make as much money as we can, because we can. Profit with purpose is the name of the game. Therefore, as an Unstoppable you will be investing in and creating your own significant legacy.

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, you are being called to come and play a bigger game.

We offer the perfect ecosystem for those with great ideas to show people with money new versions of the future; while those with experience and money can mentor those with great ideas along the pathway to commercialization and how to maximize their returns.

Join us to take your business to new heights.

How do you want to play?

Unstoppable Vision

Unstoppable Essence

To get to the future first by bringing passionate and purpose filled entrepreneurs together in an innovative and creative environment to experience the power of collaboration. We do this to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and create a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

To seek out individuals with the elegant ability to create sustainable wealth, far more than they than need or want, and thus have the grace and power to address real humanitarian issues with an entrepreneurial mindset, attitude and approach.


Meet Our Founder, Julio De Laffitte

Julio was born into a prominent Brazilian family with a rich business heritage. When most children were learning to ride a bike, Julio’s dad was taking him to business meetings asking him to take note of the words he had never heard before so that they could talk about them on the way home. By the time Julio was 15 he was already practising what he learnt in business!

He chased a girl to Australia and, not knowing a word of English, built multiple successful businesses. He is on a personal mission to raise the financial intelligence of the country.

As a financial strategist, through his company JDL Strategies, he and his team are able to convey and implement the complex with ease. He has developed a powerful integrated process of debt elimination, tax planning and investing.

As a business mentor it's no wonder Julio attracts the elite. He is not designed for the faint-hearted and wants to know what moves and motivates people. You can check him out on his personal page.

"Here's Why I Created The Unstoppables..."

    Gathering entrepreneurs from different generations and areas of expertise. We host cutting edge workshops, roundtables and structured peer-to-peer learning, allowing you to tap into the collective intelligence of brilliant minds.
    Facilitating access to the creation of new business ventures, business deals and exciting opportunities.
    Leading powerful and insightful conversations with high-caliber entrepreneurs, to help you understand, reposition and prepare for the ever-changing landscape of technologies and customers, and how those intersect.
    Discovering, learning and engaging with a new powerful currency — collaboration. Where influence and connections can take you to places beyond your current mindset and imagination.
    Facilitating access to angel investors, venture capitalists and other types of finance.
    Creating an environment where Unstoppable entrepreneurs can foster extraordinary friendships with like-minded entrepreneurs.
    Gathering entrepreneurs on a journey that will transform their lives, businesses and dare we say it — their legacy.
    Developing a mindset for the future and the next wave of businesses.
    Being part of a movement that will set the precedent in Australia for igniting the entrepreneurial spirit. Our Think Tanks deliver access to integrated platforms where you can launch new, profitable and successful businesses.
    Promoting an adventure of a lifetime where you will be challenged and inspired.