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Tom Walsh – Accepting the Ideas is the Magic

Tom Walsh is partner in one of the Gold Coast’s most esteemed accountancy firms, which has been in operation since the 1970s. In an industry that’s seen incredible disruption and digitalisation over the last decade, Walsh & Walsh Chartered Accountants has continued to offer superior service to its clients, with a specialist team dedicated to its Entrepreneur Support Division.

Having participated in Unstoppables Ideas Gone Wild in the Amazon in February, entrepreneurial accountant Tom says the experience encouraged him to open up a little bit more, a process he says has led to other opportunities.

Tom believes that being open to ideas is a key part of being unstoppable in life

Tom believes that being open to ideas is a key part of being unstoppable in life

“Being unstoppable means having a willingness to be more open to different ideas; to take the blinkers off. It’s about hearing other people’s stories and discussing solutions for them and then applying them back on your own venture. Accepting the ideas is the magic. It forces you to open up a little bit, giving you opportunities to learn.

In our firm, we use a quote from Victor Kiam, “Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage”.

One of the biggest things Tom learnt from his time in the Amazon with fellow entrepreneurs was to find his purpose and be himself.

“I look to lead an integrated life; not necessarily work/life balance; but one where I am myself, purposeful and making a contribution and try always to ‘be in the moment’.”

When it comes to honing entrepreneurial skills, Tom’s vision and focus is towards education.

My major focus is myself and my family. They drive me to be better every day. My big vision is education. I am a big believer in schooling and the power it can have from taking someone from one environment and placing them in another.

“The family at home can’t help but be influenced by this as well, so we need to feed the education system, create foundation/scholarship funds that could afford to send some indigenous people of Australia to better education because money is not the solution but education can break that cycle.”

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