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Caroline Pemberton is an Australian Television Presenter & Producer, Adventure Addict and previously crowned, Miss Australia who spends much of her life either in front or behind the camera creating travel, adventure and action sports programming. She is also an active humanitarian and Unstoppables advocate who ventured to the Amazon as part of the Ideas Gone Wild event, on behalf of Sir David Martin Foundation for which she’s an ambassador.

The Foundation raises and provides funds for rescue services and training programs for young Australians who are in crisis or at risk and need guidance, help and hope. Caroline is one busy, clever, ambitious woman on a mission. We caught up with her once she returned from her collaboration session in Brazil to see what impacted her the most.

Caroline Pemberton offers insight on what it means to be unstoppable

Caroline Pemberton offers insight on what it means to be unstoppable

What does being unstoppable mean to you?

Always going beyond your limit of success. As you reach a goal always cast on the horizon to create another one. Moving beyond any hurdles, continually creating and impacting people around you in a positive way relentlessly.

What key insights have you discovered during your collaborations with other Unstoppable entrepreneurs?

That we all have different skill sets, speak different languages that we can all give back. There is no one way of being successful or for one personality archetype to be successful. Everyone is on a different path and all can contribute with our own uniqueness. When we put all those puzzle pieces together we make magic. Everyone has everything you need, in your network someone knows someone. After a week of conversations you can see everyone’s jewels and the people you have around you can serve you.

What does your quest to be unstoppable involve?

To cut a cycle of destruction in young people around Australia and give them a platform to thrive from within. Intervening and giving them an opportunity to do something they deserve and creating rehabilitation all over Australia so there’s access for everyone in need.

What wisdom can you offer our community?

You don’t have to be super wealthy to give back. Philanthropy is not about money alone, but what you have to give such as skills, time, support and products all have enormous value. Everyone has something to give. It will be the greatest source of satisfaction in your life. Some words from the Sir David Martin Foundation resonate with me also; “There is a point of return – we have the tools to make that turn around’ and a lot of people feel this is a social economic problem – kids from the wrong side of the tracks. This affects all types of people from all types of families. Open communication is the most powerful form of resolution. Then you can identify the real issues’.

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