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Revolutionising Recruitment One Person At A Time

John Davies is a people-person, first and foremost. Which is a good thing – given he’s built a substantial career off the back of that one, noticeable attribute. As the director of Chorus Executive, and with more than a decade of recruitment experience under his well-adorned proverbial belt, it’s little wonder his latest passion,, is proving to be somewhat unstoppable.

John Davies wants to take recruitment to the next level through a revolutionary platform

John Davies wants to take recruitment to the next level through a revolutionary platform

As John describes, Peeplmatch is an online recruitment platform that uses a unique matching algorithm that pairs talent to specific roles and companies. It’s a revolutionary, ‘getting to the future first’ kind of platform that emulates what Unstoppables is all about.

We caught up with John after he returned from Ideas Gone Wild in the Amazon to find out what it means to be truly unstoppable.

“Being unstoppable is knowing that I can have my personal life’s vision and commercial vision and for that mission be achieved. It’s also about removing any internal or external barriers that could potentially block the vision.

“My superpowers are kindness and loyalty. My vision is for those superpowers to impact upon any networking I make both business and personal. They provide the platform for ‘Peeplmatch’, which is a recruitment platform that’s going to revolutionise the recruitment world globally.”

John says the trip to Amazon with Unstoppables was a chance to hone his people skills and network with creative and commercial intelligence of all generations.

“Unstoppable people are unselfish, they are giving. The world is full of beautiful people if we let them have the chance to be beautiful. Unstoppable equals beautiful people doing amazing things.”

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