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When it comes to having it all, no-one is a better advocate than Marguerita Vorobioff. She’s passionate about challenging conventional belief systems, breaking down barriers and supporting people to step beyond their comfort zones to achieve health, wealth, happiness and freedom – something she’s been doing now for over a decade.

Marguerita shares her insight on becoming unstoppable entrepreneurs

Marguerita shares her insight on becoming unstoppable entrepreneurs

As the founder of PitBull Mindset, Marguerita facilitates liberation of people from their limiting stories which enables them to be all they can be and realise their full power and potential. Her natural mentoring ability helps her to quickly identify limiting beliefs, and when combined with the use of energy techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), sound healing and other proven coaching techniques, her clients experience significant transformation within themselves and their lives.

She opened her heart and her mind to fellow entrepreneurs in the Amazon for Unstoppables Ideas Gone Wild in February, and what she found was a series of epiphanies and confirmations.

Above all, she identified a common belief amongst her fellow entrepreneurs when it came to being truly unstoppable, and just as she anticipated, it all came down to mindset and the ability to overcome fear.

I noticed there was no ‘I can’t’. The most unstoppable leaders didn’t allow their fears or doubts about themselves or their future get in the way. They would always respond with ‘wow that’s an interesting idea, how can we do that?’

As an entrepreneur and successful business leader, Marguerita advocates collaboration, something which is also at the heart of the Unstoppables movement.

“Collaboration is the answer. Everybody was happy to team up and they didn’t need all the glory and have to own everything. Everyone was prepared to partner with other people,” she says. “There was a willingness to explore relationships beneficial to their vision in a variety of capacities.”

Marguerita has spent a lot of her career helping people break down barriers that are obstructing their path to success. She believes it’s often a case of people getting out of their own way and getting past belief systems that are blocking them from true health, wealth and success. In most cases, entrepreneurs have broken through these barriers, while others teeter of the edge of discovering profound success and true entrepreneurialism without ever having the breakthrough.

An entrepreneur is a buzz word and it’s cool but a lot of people do not realise what commitment it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Being unstoppable is about, not driving to make it hard, but strategising and figuring out how to make the path as satisfying as possible.

“I think you need to make the decision to be unstoppable. There is a big difference between being interested and being committed. You will do whatever it takes when you’re fully committed.”

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  1. Donna Hamer on 09/05/2016 at 10:33 am

    She is one amazing lady and encourages everyone to believe in themselves and to be truely unstoppable!!

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