Five Minutes with – John Odlum

A veterinarian by trade, John Odlum is the co-founder of iconic, publically listed Greencross Limited, a company which manages over 100 general, emergency and specialist veterinary practices around the country.

An entrepreneur at heart, John was aboard Unstoppables’ maiden voyage to Antarctica in 2015 and has recently returned from the follow-up event in Brazil last February.

We caught up with John to discuss the Ideas Gone Wild venture in the Amazon and all things Unstoppables.

The Unstoppables during the recent trip to Brazil

The Unstoppables during the recent trip to Brazil

What does being unstoppable mean to you?

“Opportunity to be involved in something much bigger than myself that will promote development of entrepreneurship in Australia. Mainly from an initial dream to commercial realisation.”

What does being a part of the Unstoppables movement mean to you?

“It’s an incredible learning experience with not only incredible scenery and associated experiences, but also the experience of listening to and learning from others who are somewhere on their journey from a dream to commercial reality.”

“The trips best describe a comprehensive experience of conversations, thoughts, ideas from which you can learn from and add to. You get this collective knowledge, intelligence and wisdom. These experiences are: A – Give. And B – Get.”

It doesn’t matter if you were male or female, at the beginning of a dream or at the other end of the scale, there’s instant rapport with just about everybody in the Unstoppables team. I did an interview with the youngest guy and oldest guy – the youngest was amazed we would spend time with him – just a kid and his dream.

What is your unstoppable vision?

“I support Julio’s mission for the Unstoppables; financial intelligence and getting to the future first. There was some feedback from everyone involved [on the trip], and they all received some significant insights. There was a whole heap of thoughts which added to their bank of collective intelligence or wisdom. It’s like a database of intelligence in your head built on experiences from others. They can then analyse and use the information in personal activities.”

“It broadens your mind thinking and affects others, it is the downloadable wisdom of many Unstoppables entrepreneurs which is an asset – like wisdom on tap. I recommend that senior executives read more, download wisdom and not stop at the past downloads. Keep upgrading their own system.”


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