Are You Evolving as a Person, as an Entrepreneur and as a Business?

Is lack of evolution the one thing that differentiates and limits someone from becoming an entrepreneur? It’s a topic the Unstoppables have been throwing around while deeply immersed in the heart of the Amazon Jungle.

The beautiful Amazon...the perfect setting for Unstoppables’ Ideas Gone Wild

The beautiful Amazon…the perfect setting for Unstoppables’ Ideas Gone Wild

For those of you who’ve just joined us, a diverse group of entrepreneurs from multiple industries (and all extraordinary game players) ventured into the Amazon on the 1st of February as part of Unstoppables’ Ideas Gone Wild. It’s about embracing the adventure of collaboration and challenging themselves in an unusual and unfamiliar environment – an incredible place which happens to be one of the fiercest jungles in the world!

It’s now five days into the collaboration, and so far they’ve ticked a lot of items off from the ‘To Do’ list. Aside from swimming with pink dolphins (yes, you read that correctly), fishing for piranhas and learning survival tactics in the jungle, the team has been inspired by stellar speakers including entrepreneur, author, blogger and shark on Network Ten’s Shark Tank, Naomi Simson. (Her insights were incredible, so stay tuned because we’ll be sharing more of this with you in the coming week).

The Amazon Jungle challenges you, physically, mentally and spiritually, and with that comes some interesting reflection. The team has talked and deliberated about the seven levels of values for the caveman to expand leadership, and they’ve investigated how individuals play out different challenges at each level.

The amazing Unstoppables in action

The amazing Unstoppables in action

These concepts emulate Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamics theory, which is an evolutionary human development model that focuses on applications of large-scale psychology including social psychology, organisational psychology, evolutionary psychology and their effect on human sociocultural systems. Amazingly, the Unstoppables group did all of these while managing some serious bird and monkey watching…of course.

Above all, they’ve asked themselves “are we surviving or thriving in this jungle called Entrepreneurship? Are we the jungle or are we in it?”

One of the main things the team discussed were companies (and countries) that cease to expand their levels of evolution. Does this create serious boundaries to expansion and entrepreneurship? Tell us what you think by commenting below and we’ll bring you a synopsis of the team’s findings shortly!

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