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Do Accountants Hold the Key to a Prosperous Future?

Last month, Unstoppables founder Julio De Laffitte hosted an event at Parliament House, along with the Hon. Anthony Roberts MP NSW Minister for Industry, Resources & Energy, called Forging An Accountable Future.

There were a number of Unstoppables members at the event, but it was mostly accountants who filled the room. The event was a huge success. With a handful of esteemed panellists, the room discussed the important role accountants will play in the prosperity of this country, along with disruption and innovation.

You see, Julio had an epiphany whilst on the Unstoppables trip to Antarctica. This epiphany was later validated when he was on the Ideas Gone Wild Amazon adventure with Unstoppables at the start of this year.

“When I was in Antarctica I noticed that accountants do not know hJulio De Laffitteow to sell their wisdom,” says Julio.

“People want it, are prepared to pay for it; pay for that wisdom, yet they do not know how to sell that wisdom.”

Julio says he noticed the accountants sit back and watch the entrepreneurs collaborate for a long time before they “came to the table”.

“While the entrepreneurs got together and started forming new ideas the accountants stood back and observed. The impression was almost that they were not fitting in to that environment full of entrepreneurs hungry to create new business, do deals and take on the challenge of innovation.

“It was also interesting to see that the entrepreneurs were not in any hurry to involve them either and were very happy to let them play as observers. I knew some of the accountants had the capacity for great input during the deal making meetings, and yet they sat and observed some more.

“Around day three or four something happened. They suddenly became engaged. The truth is that it wasn’t that they didn’t fit in but they had a much wider perspective of the potential of business and different industries to work together.

“So after a few days of really observing, the accountants swooped in and really started pouring out their wisdom by helping in putting the pieces together, connecting industries and connecting the entrepreneurs together to form new collaborations. Not just in conversation but actions – actions that created new businesses and growth.”

Julio realised this same approach applied to everyday transactions accountants have with their clients.

“It really struck me then, the power of the perspective that accountants brought to the Unstoppables and how they really set in motion the formation of new businesses. It also occurred to me that accountants are a connecting factor that can take the lessons from one business to another; they can create new opportunities by joining ideas from one business to another. While their clients are focusing on growing their piece of the puzzle, they actually have the ability of seeing the whole picture.”


How does your accountant facilitate your business success and sell his/her wisdom to you? If you’re an accountant – how do you sell your wisdom? We’d love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment below.

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