Do Accountants Have the Keys to the Future of the Australian Economy?

If you are involved in the accounting industry you will want to mark the 25th of May 2016 in your calendar. This is the day that accountants will really be able to tap into the true value that they bring businesses and the economy.

As accountants you play a critical role in the survival and growth of the Australian economy. Yet you are under threat from the very innovations and disruptions that are driving that growth. The reality is though that there is no app or software can replace the highly specialised wisdom that you have. Being a partner to the growth of a wide range of businesses give you a uniquely valuable perspective on the future of the Australian economy.Hosted by The Hon. Anthony Roberts, NSW Minister for Industry Resources & Energy and Julio De Laffitte, the Founder of Unstoppables, an incredible entrepreneurial movement of innovation and economic growth, this event will feature open discussions and insights from a panel of Australia’s greatest business minds about the importance of the relationship between accountants and business success. The aim of this event is to arm you with the power and the knowledge to form deeper and more valuable relationships with your clients.

At this event you will find out:

  • Why the key to the growth of the Australian economy is to supercharge the value of accounting. 
  • Why the typical current offer from an accounting firm may be obsolete in the near future and some accountants will be forced to exit the profession.
  • Why accountants of the future will be worth a lot more to their firms, theirs clients and the community in general. 
  • How accountants can seize the opportunity to drive better revenues and profits for their clients by repositioning towards innovation and collaboration.

This sit-down event including lunch and drinks and invaluable insights that will impact your industry is not to be missed, but RSVP now because places are limited.
TIME: 11:30am to 2:30pm
DATE: 25th May 2016
LOCATION: NSW Parliament House, 6 Macquarie Street, Sydney

Ticket price : $127
per person includes lunch &

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