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Crowdfunding Bootcamp to Kickstart Entrepreneurialism

When it comes to health and wellness, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone with more accolades than Dr. Dion Klein. Known as the CEO and Founder of The Wellness Academy, Dion’s career as a health and business lecturer, consultant and personal coach extends more than two decades. From working on the Oceanic National Olympic Committee in Hong Kong as a strategic marketing and planning professional, to serving on the Board of Fitness CT as President, Dion is known for collectively merging his wellness practices and business acumen to great success.

Dion Klein: defying the notion that things couldn’t be done is the key to being unstoppable

Dion Klein: defying the notion that things couldn’t be done is the key to being unstoppable

Dion recently combined his three passions: education, business, and fundraising to acquire iPledg and launch This platform educates others on how to have successful crowdfunding campaigns.

With an entrepreneurial spirit to boot, Dion is now a proud Unstoppables member and advocate, having returned from the Amazon event with an abundance of wisdom and insights. He says being unstoppable means defying critics to move forward when others question you or say it can’t be done.

“We all experience reactions of non-support versus support but we choose how it affects us. You have a choice. This can mean physically, spiritually and emotionally. I believe in a life or die possibility. I choose to live whatever that looks like.”

While collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs in the Amazon, Dion realised that despite successes, start-ups all have common characteristics which are generally shared regardless of the mastermind behind it.

“I realized that no matter what level of business you are at, everyone is going on the same journey from a start-up business to a mature one,” he says.

“I found the engagement of one member who was super confident and had realized high-level success, yet when she went into the start-up phase she still went on the same journey as I was. She struggled to hone her messaging for her new business and I was able to step in and support her.”
Dion says the Unstoppables experience changed his perception on a few key things, including success.

“I realized everyone in a start-up position won’t get it right straight away, you still have to go on a process to get it right. I was able to become more confident when I recognised this.

“This broke down my perceptions of success. I thought that once someone had made it, everything would be right from there on. But start-up means start-up, so we could all meet at that level despite our success levels,” he says.

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