Make 2016 Bigger, Brighter, Bolder & Better!


Unstoppables during the Fire on Ice event in Antarctica

It’s February now, which means that it’s time once more to take stock of the year that was and ask yourself how you can make 2016 bigger, brighter, bolder and all-round better! It’s also a good time to reflect and with that being said, it’s hard to believe that it was around this time last year when Julio and more than 100 entrepreneurs were floating amongst the icebergs somewhere near Antarctica on Unstoppables’ maiden voyage.

Fire on Ice was a huge success which catapulted Unstoppables into the headlines. What followed was nothing short of remarkable, with CEOs, business leaders, politicians, start-ups, enthusiasts and entrepreneurial spirits from all walks of life realising the power of collaboration through Unstoppables. Brilliant business ideas sought funding, businesses were formed and charities were supported, but above all, incredible energy was created and harnessed into positive outcomes.


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NSW MP Victor Dominello and Julio De Laffitte during last year’s Innovation Australia

Then of course, there was the announcement of our 2016 Ideas Gone Wild in the Amazon. In true style, this announcement took place at Parliament House during the Innovation Australia event in which Unstoppables were among the sponsors. The Hon. Victor Dominello, New South Wales Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, was one of the key speakers who lead the evening’s discussions, forums and round-table workshops. And what an event it was. Lots of movers, shakers, creators and collaborators all discussing important issues facing the Australian economy. We are doing another Innovation Australia event this year (as mentioned below) and we’ll update you with an event page soon.

Unstoppables is all about pushing personal limits and boundaries through the collaboration of brilliant minds. Through entrepreneurial collaboration, we can achieve exceptional things that will help generate and steer the Australian economy in the right direction, for the greater good of all.

Twenty-fifteen was a busy year for Unstoppables, and the 2016 calendar looks even bigger, brighter and bolder!

Ideas Gone Wild is in full swing in the Amazon (we’ll be blogging about that next!), the next Innovation Australia event is scheduled at Parliament House on March 21, and that’s just the beginning. As avid entrepreneurs, you’ll be the first to know about what we’re up to through this blog.

Comment below and tell us what is high on the agenda for you in 2016. Is it more collaboration, better vision, expansion, innovation or just integrating a better work-life balance? We’d like to know what will be pivotal in making you Unstoppable this year, so you can shine bigger, brighter and bolder…


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