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Aussie Entrepreneurs Growing Faster Than Global Average

More than 60 per cent of entrepreneurs in Australia are expecting to hire more staff this year, a figure which is up 31 per cent on last year according to a new survey of almost 2700 entrepreneurs around the world by EY.

In fact, the EY Global Job Creation Survey 2016 also revealed that 47 per cent of Aussie entrepreneurs increased their workforce faster than expected in the last 12 months, surpassing the global average of 40 per cent.

Founder of JDL Strategies and entrepreneurial movement Unstoppables, Julio De Laffitte isn’t surprised that Aussie entrepreneurs are hiring new staff in large numbers. He has always maintained that the future of Australia’s prosperous economy lays largely in the laps of our entrepreneurs.

“The entrepreneur sector is incredibly important to the domestic economy here in Australia and through Unstoppables, we’ve been trying to raise awareness of this very concept. This data is further confirmation that we are on the right track. I’ve personally seen our members collaborate to generate businesses worth millions of dollars to the Australian economy.”

The survey also found that entrepreneurs who were ‘disruptive’ were generating the most growth at the quickest pace. It also revealed that almost half of the country’s entrepreneurs’ growth was organic, with 26 per cent attributing their growth to mergers and acquisitions.

“Disruption is at the heart of all new emerging entrepreneurs in this country,” says Julio. “If we can, as a nation, look at ways to innovate and disrupt we will stimulate and propel the economy on the world stage and this is what our entrepreneurs are already beginning to do.”

Almost 80 per cent of the Australian entrepreneurs surveyed say they have confidence in the domestic economy, while global instability and domestic political instability were noted in the top three greatest challenges faced.

Julio says everyday Australians need to look to entrepreneurs and more importantly, their accountants, when looking to prosper in their own businesses.

“I believe it is the accountants who hold the wisdom needed to help push business owners and entrepreneurs forward. They are the key and the knowledge they have is not being properly utilised.

“One thing most entrepreneurs have in common is that they have an excellent accountant who is cherished as an integral part of the team. When you find a good accountant, never let them go. After all, the more entrepreneurs we can foster as a nation, the more prosperous we will be, which means we’ll continue to see employment increase through the growth of our entrepreneurs.”


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