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Balancing Interests – The power of engagement

Social entrepreneur Alex Green knows that charity in this day and age does not mean draining donors’ bank accounts. In fact, this is far from his philosophy.

As the General Manager of the Sir David Martin Foundation, Alex has witnessed the power of engagement when in today’s economy, business people are looking for more; more meaning, more transparency and most of all, more involvement in what they are a part of.

Alex firmly believes that balancing interests is a critical key to success

Alex firmly believes that balancing interests is a critical key to success

He knows donors want to be connected to their cause; a concept which underpins the philosophy at the Foundation. For Alex, it’s all about staying true to your vision.

“Being Unstoppable means holding a powerful commitment to keep your eyes on the horizon and to not get tripped up by hurdles in the short term. Stay true to the vision you have for the future.”

Alex speaks out not only about his cause but also of the importance of opening up new conversations. He believes generosity is out there; it’s just that people struggle to harness their generosity outside of making money.

“They struggle with relationships with NGO’s and when we unpick this there is an untapped pool of generosity. When a more effective partnership of entrepreneurs can be structured it can be more mutually beneficial. There is no instruction manual on how to make the world a better place. They struggle to find effective ways to go around. So instead do nothing.

“There are ways to go around it and build new relationships that are mutually beneficial, I want to have a chance to help people with that.”

Drawing on inspiration from his grandmother, Alex believes that philanthropy and balance need to complement each other.

“It’s important to balance your own interest and the interest of others. A lot of the social values I was instilled with by my grandmother. At 95 years old, she still visits old people and gives back but not at the expense of her own self. I inherited her social values, she believes in balance.”

Balance in your own life leads to happiness and success and the number of people I met through Unstoppable group are still striving for the balance. If the balance is off, ability diminishes.

Alex believes the Sir David Martin Foundation can guide entrepreneurs through purposeful contribution and in turn, be a part of supporting effective intervention for youth in Australia.

“You can engage your time, talent or treasure.”


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