Adopting an Unstoppable Mindset

Self-proclaimed change-junky, Christine Khor thrives on innovation and growth and as an early adopter of Unstoppables she is a true entrepreneur in every essence of the word. When she’s not aligning people into roles as the director of Chorus Executive, Christine is generally empowering women, start-ups and SMEs, and speaking on all facets of business and life success. She is also the proud co-founder of and Chair of the Victorian Development Board of The Hunger Project. Above all she’s a respected business leader and mentor.

Christine sat down with us for five minutes to shed some light on what it means to be truly Unstoppable.

Christine Khor gives her take on being unstoppable, and how to get there.

Christine Khor gives her take on being unstoppable, and how to get there.

What does being unstoppable mean to you?

“It actually means just being unstoppable. There’s lots in business and life that stops us from being the best, so it’s about unplugging from that and just allowing yourself to be the best.”

What insights have you gained from attending both Unstoppables events in Antarctica and Amazon?

“I’ve realised that you really have got to go to the beat of your own drum. Everyone has lots of insights, so ultimately you need to just follow your purpose, don’t follow someone else’s dream. Your own dream is never wrong. Always ask for help and listen to help. Listen, then consider, then decide on taking action. Don’t ever defend your decisions – just make them.”

What is your unstoppable vision?

“To be unstoppable! To be really clear on what to achieve and be relentless in trying to achieve that. It’s not just about business or money, it’s a blend. It’s being unstoppable as a human being. The world is a big place and Australia is tiny and I have allowed myself to be restricted by that. I won’t do that anymore.

“When it comes to Chorus Executive, the vision is to inspire growth for an organisation, teams, individuals and helping people to be the best they can be.

“However, the Peeplmatch recruitment platform is going to revolutionise the recruitment world globally.”

What wisdom can you offer our community?

“Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses; to make time to talk to people you like. We can get narrow easily and the magic may be out there. Amazing people are everywhere so be open to diversity. Some choose arrogance because some don’t know prejudices. If you open your heart to many different people it will enrich your experience.”

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