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Addressing Climate Change, One Plate At A Time

When it comes to solutions for climate change you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone more passionate, and knowledgeable, than Samantha Jewel. Raised in a successful family restaurant business spanning more than four decades, Samantha knows a lot about food; the economics of food, and how people relate to it. So it’s no surprise she’s sprinkled her entrepreneurial spirit all over this very topic.

As an entrepreneur, change-maker and activist for climate change solutions, she’s presented papers and speeches for the organic movement and the International Forum for Organic Agriculture and she’s published a number of books about climate change and food for both adults and children.

Samantha is a staunch activist for environmental solutions focusing on climate friendly food initiatives

Samantha is a staunch activist for environmental solutions focusing on climate friendly food initiatives

Above all, she’s committed to bringing about awareness of the connection the food we grow and eat has on resolving our climate dilemmas and removing the need for a carbon tax to exist.

“My highest purpose is to alter basic human nutrition through soil that is balanced and healthy through education, facilitation, agri-tech. When a mother who knows little about food can access their basic products at a cost they can afford then we have a chance.

“When you have a child with behavioral issues, ninety per cent of those are food related so I want to see this change by making it easier to access the good options.”

Through her work as an activist and entrepreneur, Samantha aims to bring attention to clean eating; from the lounge room to the boardroom.

“We have lost our basic right to eat clean, healthy basic food. Nutritious food is naturally sweet, dead food should have been cleaned up by the insects we kill with bug sprays. Bug sprays interrupt this process. We are destroying our natural vacuum cleaners. We crave sugars because we are starved of natural sugars.

Obesity is the body in starvation mode, it’s starved of nutrients. My solution is to get balance back into the soil which will fix the climate, help rural sector, help animals be healthy and therefore us as humans.

Samantha says there are many ways and options when it comes to empowering yourself with climate and nutrition.

“No matter which way your body is finding balance, it seeks it out so direct it in a way that returns you your investment. It’s about finding the balance.

“Learn to grow your own food, until we put enough pressure on food suppliers to provide carbon rich soil food. The carbon problem also solves the nutrient problem in our food.”

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Written in Spanish, Dutch, Chinese versions

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