A Secret To Being Unstoppable In the Face of Fear

As humans, we all have fears. Some fears are proportionately huge and are completely inhibiting, others have minor fears that don’t affect life much at all. Regardless of where your fear level sits on the spectrum, it is one little crux that can severely hinder even the most foolproof vision or strategy when it comes to business.

Naomi Simson in one of the talks during Unstoppables Amazon: Ideas Gone Wild

Fears are stories we tell ourselves, and as the old saying and acronym goes, it’s nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real. Right? So what do we do about our fears and how do we get a handle on them?

On a recent trip to the Amazon with Unstoppables, author, entrepreneur, Red Balloon founder and shark on Network Ten’s Sharktank, Naomi Simson, opened up about fear and trust. She believes they somewhat go hand in hand.

She says it was a recent heli-skiing experience with her kids that took her to her fear limits and made her question her trust issues and fear itself. In an intimate talk to fellow Unstoppables in Brazil, she asked some important questions.

“Ask yourself ‘what is on your never-ever list because you don’t trust’? Ask yourself, what do you get stopped in, because you always tell yourself the same thing – I can’t, won’t or shouldn’t because it’s too scary for me.”

“For me, there was a massive learning curve in asking myself ‘do I trust myself and do I trust others’. And when that trust appears, it’s amazing what can happen and what’s available to you. Often it’s our fear that stops us.”

Naomi says something that empowers her as a leader, is true alignment. She draws an analogy from her son’s sport of rowing.

“Alignment is when you are the flywheel and completely unstoppable. But the flywheel in alignment means you have momentum and power.”

“My son, wanted to be a rower, and when I got involved with the rowing team, I realised what an analogy it is for business,” she says. “When you have eight people in a boat who are all going backwards but producing the power because they have absolute trust for the cox. It is the cox as leader who sets the stroke for the rhythm and the strategy for the completion.”

“The thing that happens when you are in absolute alignment is – you are one. And with one, comes power. Real power. True alignment is almost an outer body experience.”

Naomi says harnessing your passion is a great way to lure the right people and obtain alignment. However she says passion can also be dismantled due to the four-letter word.

“What stops us in our passion is often our fear. So our fear of failure, our fear of looking bad, our fear of making a fool of ourselves and or fear of money.”

As Franklin Roosevelt once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

As Naomi spoke of this to her fellow entrepreneurs, she challenged them to stop and think about what it is that’s holding them back due to fear. What do you fear in business and how is it holding you back? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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