The Media

The Unstoppables movement is driven by exciting people with innovative ideas who are dedicated to producing incredible results.

Our members have been fortunate to be featured on various different media outlets and mediums throughout the world. 


Various business news and general media outlets have covered our exciting think tank adventures. See a selection of our television coverage below.

Sky News – Julio De Laffitte
NBN News – Unstoppables
Julio De Laffitte & Adeo Ressi

Entre Nós – Diet e Light/Macarrão de Quaresma/ Antártida

Entre Nós – Óculos de sol/ Antártida/ Receita quaresma

Julio De Laffitte talks on Sky News


 Business radio shows have interviewed founder Julio De Laffitte regarding Unstoppables. 2GB’s Heidi Armstrong even managed to interview Mr De Laffitte while he was on the ship in Antarctica.


We’ve also been fortunate to be covered in some of Australia’s leading news publications. Please see a selection below.