Antarctica 2015

105 entrepreneurs went to Antarctica to collaborate.
This is what happened.

Fire on Ice

What would happen if you put 100 great Australian minds in the one extreme location at the one time? That was something Australian entrepreneur Julio De Laffitte had to find out. He had a vision — he wanted to take 100 entrepreneurs with brilliant minds to one place to come up with a solution to Australia’s financial woes. Instead of the Australian Government selling off our land, our most precious non-renewable resource, how could business men and women and entrepreneurs work together to keep Australia’s economy strong?

What was achieved on the boat?

During the Unstoppables’ maiden adventure in Antarctica in 2015 – not only did 40% of people invest in someone else’s business – they generated the following stellar results


Got investment in their business


Was invested in their companies


Secured sponsorship


Was offered in sponsorship


Formed a new business


Businesses were formed

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