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Digital Disruption

An Unprecedented Opportunity is Coming Soon

This event will embrace disruption, take you to the forefront of this unprecedented shift, where integration and technology is revolutionising and propelling businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs to an incredibly prosperous future.

In May 2018, at a venue yet to be announced, the highly anticipated Digital Disruption Event will take place.  Cr Sam Aziz, Mayor of the City of Casey, will address the event and Unstoppables Founder and entrepreneur, Julio De Laffitte, will host the event.

We will embrace disruption and not just talk about the outcomes. This is designed for the entrepreneurially minded business owner, accountant or professional wanting to get hold of the future now.

The keynote speakers will address important aspects of technology, economy, disruption and an unprecedented amount of opportunity on the horizon; it will help you future-proof and enhance your businesses, life and prosperity.

Be at the forefront of this shift where the integration of data, economic trends and technology will revolutionise your business now and into the future.

Seats to this event are limited so make sure to get on the Invitation List.


Tickets: $199 pp incl lunch and beverages
Date: May 2018
Time: 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Location: TBA



We know that Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and Machine Learning are here now and they are here to stay.

The questions is: How is it going to impact your life, your business, your clients and our economy going forward?

Digital Disruption An Unprecedented Opportunity is an event about getting ahead of the curve, it is more than simply future proofing your business, it is about being ready to understand the changes, embrace, promote and empower our region’s economic future.

Business is the true backbone of our economy and I would like to welcome you to Bunjil Place to hear from speakers that live and breathe innovation and have dedicated their career to empowering businesses and our broader economy to win in the new digital economy.

Cr Sam Aziz
City of Casey


Founder of Unstoppables & JDL Strategies

Now that Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Governments and other agencies are running to win the artificial intelligence and machine-learning race; I ask you not to be an observer but to position your business, regardless if you are a hair dresser, a plastic surgeon, dentist, accountant or restaurant owner. Your business could be perfectly positioning to embrace, utilise and be the real beneficiaries of such innovation.

The experience of google maps telling you to change route midway for a better ride is already “not a big deal”! AI and future economic trends are a must- know if you want to be positioned to seriously prosper.

Clients are engaging via their devices expecting faster and different responses from their suppliers, I like to call business partners.

Digital Disruption - An Unprecedented Opportunity is an event about such changes, opportunities and the real danger that businesses and professionals may spend a long time stuck in old, traditional and now irrelevant models.

It would be a shame to use A.I’s advantages to only marginally improve daily efficiencies, and therefore completely miss the new opportunities that this moment actually generates.

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As soon as we finalise a date and announce the venue you will be the first to know.

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