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Collaborating For The Greater Good

John Elliott is a vibrant entrepreneur and philanthropist whose energy is nothing short of contagious. John joined Unstoppables back in 2015 and has collaborated with some of the country’s most esteemed entrepreneurs in both Antarctica and the Amazon.

Hailing from Western Australia, John has spent the last eight years building his empire Elliott Insurance Brokers – a company that has picked up a number of industry awards including BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses in Australia thanks to a growth of 3000 per cent since inception.

John Elliott shares his Unstoppables experience, where he witnessed the power of true collaboration

John Elliott shares his Unstoppables experience, where he witnessed the power of true collaboration

Together with his team, John has achieved several breakthroughs in online insurance including Australia’s first online comparison service for home insurance, and has developed several online insurance placement systems providing policies and quotes for over 30,000 Australians.

In addition, he has developed Australia’s first site offering Workers Compensation information and placement for every state in Australia and fully automated online products for his clients. He has also been responsible for handling insurance for some of WA’s largest offshore projects and a vast array of businesses and property around Australia.

A true entrepreneur at heart, John says being unstoppable is about having the ability to successfully adapt to what life and business throws at you.

“To be a part of the Unstoppables movement means you are a part of an unstoppable movement forward which pushes you regardless of your level in business, which challenges you regardless of your industry and supports you regardless of your issue. It’s about gaining, maintaining and enhancing that forward momentum and change that we need to succeed in our entrepreneurial journey and then using that momentum to assist others within the movement,” he says.

Prominent at both Unstoppables events abroad, John draws an analogy when explaining the force of true collaboration amongst entrepreneurs.

“In both Antarctica and the Amazon the first few days of the Unstoppables experience felt like a few stones randomly tumbling down a hill occasionally colliding, but as the journey progressed and more people started to jump in, it felt like we started to pick up more stones and more momentum down the hill.

“By the end of the experience it was an avalanche of ideas, change, business creation, investment, legacy and enthusiasm that is still driving me today, months after returning home.”

Being a part of the Unstoppables movement doesn’t end when you get home. The relationships, mentors and friends I have made on this journey are now an integral part of my business and decision-making processes. I feel a part of something bigger and more empowered to be able to make the local and global business and social impact I have always dreamed of.

When it comes to getting to the future first, John says it’s all about momentum, doing business with an intent of social consciousness and embracing collective intelligence through collaboration.

“My unstoppable vision is to not just embrace the changes brought to us but to bring the change to others; to embrace the collective intelligence of the unstoppable network and add to it to continue a forward momentum in Australian business. To embrace collaboration over competition, and to merge concepts into a reality that can be driven forward by those within the Unstoppables movement,” he says.

“My vision is not yet complete, which is the most exciting part. I am open to where these first steps may take me, however if the destination is half as satisfying and challenging as the journey then it’s a very exciting future indeed.”

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