23rd Sep 2018 – 2nd Oct 2018

Transform your life, business and opportunities by collaborating with some of the country’s most brilliant minds in the heart of Africa, with Unstoppables.


23rd Sep 2018 – 2nd Oct 2018

The Investment


$11,990 (twin share. For single supplement +$2600)
Deposit of $1350 due upon registration with balance due 60 days’ prior

Join amazing people to create incredible opportunities for yourself, Australia and the world.

In Antartica, Amazon and Australia at State and Federal level, Unstoppables has created many millions of dollars of new oppurtunities. By joining together, our members are reshaping economies. Our work continues in Africa by supporting the work of One Heart, a foundation that is changing the lives of Kenyan orphans by providing shelter, love, education and a future. This is truely what it is to be Unstoppable – to prosper, to seize oppurtunities and collaborate but also to shape the world for the better. If you are ready to make an impact on your world now, we want to work with you.

  • An Unstoppables Programme to see into the future of industries and find the opportunities for new potential.
  • Connect and collaborate with world beating entrepreneurs, investors and business minds.
  • All amoung an incredible immersion into the sights and sounds and experiences of Nairobi, Masai Mara, Eldoret and Turbo, Kenya.
  • Don’t just see the change, create it.


  • All Unstoppables workshops/interactions/think tanks
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • Accommodation at Tamarind Tree Hotel in Nairobi, Mara Serena Lodge in the Masai Mara and Boma Inn in Eldoret.
  • A lifechanging One Heart Village Experience
  • All game drives
  • All park entrance fees
  • Services of qualified English Speaking driver guides
  • Transport in 4×4 Land cruisers and mini buses
  • Light domestic Aircraft flights – Nairobi Wilson Airport / Masai Mara Air Strip / Eldoret / Nairobi Wilson Airport

Getting to the future first

The collaboration of brilliant minds in the one place will bring about change to Australia, sooner. Getting to the future first is what these sessions are about. We are facilitating powerful insights into the future of the global business landscape based on the effect of current, emergent and new disruptive technologies. These activities are designed to predict and prepare businesses and entrepreneurs for the future.

We explore:

– The businesses at threat of becoming obsolete in the next decade and the ripple effect of this decline.

– What business opportunities are likely to emerge and those that will grow exponentially.

– What the low-hanging fruit business opportunities are and what business ventures will arise from these opportunities. Here, priceless insights on how to position yourself for the upcoming decade will be shared. The development of businesses, partnerships, investments and collaborations will result from these activities and in-depth discussions. This part of the program will really challenge all of us to think outside the box.


This trip is about expanding everything you know and what you thought was possible. Life is an adventure, so let’s take it to the next level. Prepare to lose yourself in the majestic beauty of the safari capital of the world – Nairobi. Get back to nature and get up close and personal with some of the world’s most feared predators in their natural habitat. Explore the lifestyle of those who occupy the land and step out of your own comfort zone to endure the elements in a foreign country while challenging your mind beyond its limits. The adventure goes beyond the physical, but to the mental and emotional to bring about radical ideas and change.


This is an opportunity for you to engage in making a difference for the future generations of Australians. Think further than just your children and grandchildren – it’s time to think about our country as a whole. Australia is facing national and regional problems as we speak. These are roadblocks in developing our full and true potential as a country, it’s our responsibility to get past these roadblocks. If we don’t, who will?


Entrepreneur Matchmaking

The Unstoppables’ very own ‘speed networking’ event will get your mind spinning. Members will be connected with other members to explore exponential opportunities. Learn about fellow entrepreneurs, build relationships, and become investees, investors, collaboration partners, business partners, friends and learn to disrupt an industry and be mentored.


A business will rarely outperform its leader. The level of business acumen available to the leader will determine at what point the business growth halts or slows. The best way to extend business acumen is to access the business brains of those who have already been there and done it. At the peer-to peer roundtable discussions, we facilitate you being with the right person at the right time. This is where practical solutions for real time challenges are exchanged – you’ll have access to the power of collective wisdom. Common topics are facilitated in roundtable sessions where collective wisdom is exchanged. This will be an opportunity for you to be the catalyst for someone else’s growth and success and vice versa.


Ten things that make us unstoppable

  1. KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE Gathering entrepreneurs from different generations and areas of expertise in the one place. Collaborating over workshops, structured peer-to-peer learning, allowing you to tap into the collective intelligence of brilliant minds.
  2. OPPORTUNITY CREATION Facilitating access to the creation of new business ventures, business deals, innovations, funding and endless opportunities.
  3. DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTS Leading powerful and insightful conversations with high-calibre entrepreneurs to understand, reposition and prepare for the ever-changing landscape of technologies and customers and how those intersect.
  4. COLLABORATION Discovering, learning and engaging with a new powerful currency – collaboration. Where established entrepreneurs and emerging entrepreneurs come together to influence, connect and take each other beyond the paradigms of your mindset.
  5. PATHWAYS Facilitating access to angel investors, venture capitalists and other types of finance. Creating pathways to engage new innovations and a new way of thinking.
  6. NETWORKING Creating an environment where Unstoppable entrepreneurs can foster extraordinary relationships with like-minded individuals from around the country, and the world!
  7. LEGACY PROJECTS Gathering entrepreneurs on a journey that will transform their lives, their businesses and create projects that will be revolutionary.
  8. FORWARD THINKING Developing a mindset for the fit for the disruptive future and the next wave of innovation, technology and business.
  9. CHANGING THE GAME The Unstoppables movement is spearheading entrepreneurial spirit, with collaborative think tanks that act as a catalyst to launch, revolutionise and foster successful businesses that will have a profound effect on the business landscape in the future.
  10. ADVENTURE Step out of your comfort zone and expand your mind in an environment where you’ll go to your limit and beyond. Adventure and remote locations spark ideas and is what Unstoppables is all about.


Keep in mind

Deposit is non-refundable

Unstoppables and Eclipse Travel will endeavour to match people in the shared rooms as best as possible.
Prices are based on current exchange rates, if there is an AUD/USD drop below $0.74 then anyone who hasn’t deposited can be subject to price fluctuations
Travel insurance is compulsory



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