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Witness the experiences of our Amazon Unstoppable Team on our recent Unstoppable Experience to the Amazon. Over 10 days our team flew into the middle of the jungle to a floating hotel where active ‘Think Tanks’ were experienced. The adventure didn’t stop there with up close and personal encounters with pink dolphins, piranhas and local wildlife. Followed by an exclusive Rio de carnival experience.

Amazon 2016 Documentary

Take some time to learn about our inaugural Unstoppables event, Antarctica 2015. This documentary highlights what drove over 100 entrepreneurs to make the epic journey. Discover the vision of founder Julio de Laffitte, and hear from expedition members on the value of this think-tank.

Antarctica 2015 Documentary

Antarctica 2015

What happens when you put 100 driven entrepreneurs on a boat in Antarctica for 10 days?

Amazon 2016

Ideas will go wild and unprecedented collaboration will take place at our next big experience. Amazon, we're coming in 2016!


Where are the Unstoppable going next? 2017 & beyond...

The Unstoppables have ventured to Antartica in 2015 & Amazon 2016. What next?


We host unique and valuable events throughout the year with representation from industry leaders, forward thinkers, innovators and influencers, to challenge and inspire. Amazing people, in amazing places, with amazing results.


Do you have what it takes to be unstoppable?

  • Such a gutsy, inspiring journey. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to attend such a life-changing event. There is now hope that initiatives born here will make a significant difference into the future. My comment to you is to Be Unstoppable.

    Mark Walters
    Mark Walters
  • This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to collaborate openly with great entrepreneurial minds and create incredible value for self, for business and for community. Don't wait - become Unstoppable.

    Anurag Chakradhar
    Anurag ChakradharFounder, Blrt
  • My heartfelt congratulations on bringing together such an extraordinary event. It demonstrates bringing an idea into reality and executing on it with absolute precision. The calibre of people, conversations and program was outstanding. The environment of Antarctica was jaw-dropping awesome.

    David Pettit
    David Pettit
  • Thank you for connecting me with this unbelievable combination of outstanding people. It has been a truly life-changing experience in the opportunities I have been able to develop in helping myself and helping others be the best they can be.

    David Thorn
    David ThornManager, KPMG China
  • I am so grateful for reaffirming my passion and ideas with so many innovative thinkers. This has enabled me to create ideas and form relationships that will open up new support for 3D visualisation.

    Trent Clews-de Castella
    Trent Clews-de CastellaCo-founder, Scann3d
  • Thank you so much for creating a life-shaping experience of gargantuan proportions. I have loved getting to know the phenomenal Unstoppable community.

    Paul Hawkins
    Paul Hawkins
  • Thank you so much for connecting me with the vision of Unstoppables. I think there is a lot of opportunity in the space of woman entrepreneurs­, an area which needs much attention.

    Gemma Manning
    Gemma ManningFounder, Manning & Co
  • Thank you for this amazing journey witnessing transformation within a group, from chaos to self-empowerment. I have had a truly life-changing experience meeting some fantastic people, networks and connections of great benefit to my business and myself.

    Amy Tam
    Amy Tam

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